Entrepreneur Dmitrii Koshelev: the ace actor from Russia

There are millions of influencers out there who are desperate to make an impact in society. Everyone craves fame, be it a novice or a professional. The thing that people usually ignore is the capability to maintain that fame.

Russian actor and entrepreneur Dmitrii Koshelev is the kind of person who not only earned fame real quick but also possessed the talent to maintain that fame. This irresponsible, handsome man from Russia is famous for his Intense looks and charming eyes. Apart from a Model, Dmitrii Koshelev is an actor, blogger, Instagram Influencer and also a wizard entrepreneur.

Coming into the profession of acting was something which was very unpredictable for Dmitrii Koshelev. One fine day his childhood friend called him and said that someone urgently needs to be replaced on the set of “Oleg Gazmanov’s video” in the ‘role of Atlanta’. Actually, two bodybuilders were needed. His friend was offered this role by a friend who himself could not attend and wanted him to search for an alternative. Dmitrii Koshelev said that his desire to act in the role is of course great, but the shape of his body is small. Since Dmitrii Koshelev also did performances in bodybuilding (he was the champion of Moscow among juniors). On call he said – “I have lost 15 kilograms”, “Not a problem,” his friend said, “you have two more weeks*. Of course, he gained 5 kg and starred in Gazmanov’s video, where he was absolutely loved.

Maverick Entrepreneur and actor Dmitrii Koshelev has led a journey from rags to riches without any support, he knows the importance of guidance and this is the reason why he has started to give back to the people what they have given him. He has been helping new Influencers to get a kickstart. Dmitrii Koshelev shares that as fasinating as the glittery life of actors seems to be, being an actor is a rather difficult profession. One needs to choose the correct scipts and you need to act very righteously in your daily routines. If anything goes south then it can critically damage your name. The road to being rich and famous is a tough one but even tougher is to be there at the top for a long time.

Entrepreneur Dmitrii Koshelev has more than 91k followers on his Instagram where he actively shares visually appealing content. He is quite active on his social media platforms and shades pictures from his professional as well as private life. As a message to Young talents Entrepreneur  Dmitrii Koshelev shares – “The key to success is hard work and perseverance. If you have got these two on your side then nobody can stop you from becoming successful. So however hard your life is right now all you gotta do is keep grinding until and unless you achieve what you strive for. Once you dedicate yourself to your dreams, nobody can stop you from achieving them.”

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