Excellent Star’s Agency Founder Akki Chaudhary shares his mantra of success in the influencer marketing industry

Noida based Excellent Star’s Agency works with a team of over 10k popular Indian influencers who create content based on a wide range of niches. Akki’s dedication and hard work has already made this agency a reputed name in the digital world in a short span of time.

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“We help companies and individuals grow with a fresh influencer marketing outlook,” says Excellent Star’s Agency Founder Akki Chaudhary. He may be 22, but his entrepreneurial skills are that of a polished professional.

Excellent Star’s Agency has worked with well-known brands like e-commerce giants Flipkart, Amazon, Nykaa and short video game changers like Moj, Josh, MX TakaTak, Zili. They have also collaborated with many more brands from different niches.

Blessed with a team of professionals who know how to use the content for individuals and companies, which can help them grow name and business, Excellent Star’s Agency was founded by the rising star of Indian Influencer Marketing Industry, Akki Chaudhary. Being a leading expert in the industry, he gives his advice to many stars and companies in their work which allows them to grow in the virtual world.

Many top brands have mentioned that Akki’s way is advantageous, and he will definitely grow into one of the stars of the Indian Influencer Marketing Industry soon. Chaudhary has all the constituents in him which a marketing expert must-have. Because of these qualities, at 22, Akki Chaudhary is one of the youngest and the most dedicated Indian marketer.

“Influencer Marketing is a tough nut to crack. One needs to update himself daily to remain in the competition,” explains Akki in an exclusive chat.

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