KDS Makeover: The Inspiring Journey of Komal, a Passionate Makeup Artist

Makeup has long been a powerful tool used by individuals to enhance their natural beauty, express their unique personality, and boost their confidence. From ancient civilizations to modern-day beauty trends, the art of makeup has evolved and continues to captivate people worldwide.

In the world of beauty and glamour, one name has been making waves for the past 18 years: KDS Makeover. Behind this successful business is the talented and dedicated makeup artist, Komal Dedhia Sangoi whose passion for the field dates back to her childhood.

Komal’s interest in the art of makeup was ignited during her early years when she accompanied her mother to the local parlour. Watching the beautician shape her mother’s eyebrows fascinated young Komal Dedhia Sangoi and sparked her own desire to create beauty through makeup.

After completing her secondary school education, Komal wasted no time in pursuing her dreams. She enrolled in a beauty services course to learn the intricacies of the parlour industry. While her academic performance may have been lacklustre, her enthusiasm for salon work and makeup artistry was unmatched.

With her newfound skills in beauty services, Komal Dedhia Sangoi embarked on her professional journey by securing a job at a local salon. She fondly recalls her first salary, a modest sum of 700 rupees, which marked the beginning of her career as a makeup artist.

However, Komal’s thirst for knowledge and growth led her to take a break from her job and further expand her repertoire. She devoted her time to learning makeup techniques, hairstyling, and the art of draping a saree. This period marked a turning point in her career as she discovered her true passion for makeup and realised the vast opportunities that awaited her.

With newfound confidence, Komal eagerly accepted her first makeup order, KDS makeovers which entailed transforming a group of 50 school students for a special event. The successful completion of this project bolstered her confidence and solidified her commitment to pursuing a career in makeup artistry.

As word spread about Komal’s impeccable skills, KDS makeovers, she started calling photographers and models began seeking her services for their professional shoots. Her ability to effortlessly enhance any skin tone, create stunning bridal looks, and offer comprehensive beauty packages made her a sought-after makeup artist in the industry.

Despite facing financial challenges within her family, Komal remained steadfast in her pursuit of success. She took on a job in a back-office setting to provide stability, but her love for the beauty industry never wavered. Even while juggling her responsibilities, she continued to serve her loyal clientele at the parlour.

Komal, the talented makeup artist behind KDS Makeover, not only excels in her own craft but also takes pride in empowering aspiring makeup artists across India. With a passion for sharing her expertise, she conducts makeup learning classes specifically designed for freshers. From the basics to advanced techniques, Komal’s classes , KDS makeovers provide a comprehensive education in the art of makeup. Additionally, her reach extends far beyond her local area, as she gladly accepts orders for her services from clients all over India. Komal’s commitment to nurturing new talent and serving clients nationwide has made her a respected figure in the makeup industry.

Today, KDS Makeover stands as a testament to Komal’s dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to her craft. Her ability to create breathtaking makeup looks, regardless of skin type or occasion, has earned her a reputation as a skilled and versatile artist. She has also worked with prominent personalities like Chandralekha Joshi, a very famous marathi actress!

Komal’s journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring makeup artists everywhere. Through determination, hard work, and a genuine love for her profession, she has transformed her passion into a successful business. As KDS Makeover continues to flourish, Komal’s story reminds us that with talent, perseverance, and a touch of artistry, dreams can become reality.

One can get in touch with her via Instagram: @kds_bridal_makeover

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