Entrepreneur Saud Al-Jenaie: A talented young sportsperson

“It is for us to get associated with our dreams wholeheartedly, and if we are able to do that success is just momentary. All that stands between you and success is your will to work towards your dreams with dedication. Everything is achievable if your efforts are sincere.” shares Entrepreneur and Professional Goalkeeper Saud Al-Jenaie.

Entrepreneur and Whizz sportsperson Saud Al-Jenaie is a Kuwaiti football player. He plays as a goalkeeper in the Kuwaiti Al-Tadamon Club in the Premier League and a part of the Kuwait National Team. He is not just one of the most popular players in Kuwait and the Middle East but has a widespread global fan base. At the age of 28, he achieved quite a Name and created a magnificent image in front of the world.

Saud Al-Jenaie has inspired many teenagers and youngsters; he has turned his skills into a profession and succeeded as a player. Entrepreneur Saud Al-Jenaie has proved that one can change his or her skills and talent into a source of earning, but what makes Saud Al-Jenaie different from other players? Well, it is his Attitude of learning things. “I never consider myself a professional, I’m always up and ready to learn new things” says Saud Al-Jenaie. He likes to share his ideas and tips to the people interested in Football special Goalkeeping. He advises players to stay calm and never be overconfident “There’s always a bigger fish in the pond, never be overconfident”.

Entrepreneur Saud Al-Jenaie says learning from your own mistakes can fix the flaws. By the help of his skills he has made the “Kuwaiti National Football Team” proud and gained faith. Saud Al-Jenaie sets an example that sports could be a career option too, there’s always something different about every child he conveys that every parent should be lenient enough to let their kid choose his or her perfect career, not everyone is interested in doing a 9 to 5 job. “One should be able to enjoy the work wholeheartedly,” says his policy.

Saud Al-Jenaie has more than 34k followers on his Instagram where he often shares glimpses from his professional as well as private life as travelling enthusiast. You can follow him here.

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