Fleet Track Telematics Solutions is Doing Wonders, Read How?

Searching for your vehicles in the parking lot can be a tedious task. With a click, hundreds of vehicles make the “beep” sound. We know it’s a huge struggle for you, but has got your back.

About Fleet Track

The Fleet Track is an automobile GPS software website that offers GPS tracking software for all types of vehicles. This is to make sure the safety and security of your vehicle. Fleet track GPS is a specialized tracking software that holds expertise in GPS tracking, Real-time location, public transport management, fuel control, driver behaviour, temperature monitoring, and the list goes on and on.

In a Jam-packed country like India, where millions of people travel using personal or public transport, it becomes necessary to have well-developed GPS software in your vehicle. 

How does Fleet Track GPS Software help you?

Fleet tracking is a well-known company that was established in the year 2015. It has been six grateful years of fleet track in this field. This company’s software has been the most trusted GPS software in India, which helped various riders in the smooth functioning of their automobiles.

This software is extremely beneficial for public transports. In case you want to track a vehicle’s position, the Trackin app is here to solve your problem. This application will help you know the vehicle’s position and guide you regarding the speed limit of the vehicle.

This software is the smart investment for automobiles for safe and smooth travelling. People can get additional settings in the tracker based on their requirements.

One of the special features of this software includes alarming mode. Suppose, if you exceed the speed limit, this gadget will operate as a traffic cop, alerting you to the speed, turning off the engine, and setting a geo-fence.

Software features includes:

  • Live tracking 
  • Route Playback for 90 days 
  • Ignition alert 
  • Overspeed Alert
  • Geofense alert
  • Safe Parking alarm
  • Idling alert
  • Parking alert
  • Service reminder 
  • Documents reminder 
  • Fuel Report
  • Reports

We also provide hardware devices and software to both dealers and end-users 

Our GPS device is comfortable for all kinds of vehicles like cars, bikes, lorry, rigs, tractors, etc. Another significant feature is the emergency mode which allows you to make quick calls in case of emergencies.

The plug and play feature of the tracker is very convenient in locating the vehicle; there is no need to carry the device with you. Just download the application on your mobiles to get full-proof information about your vehicle.

Price Range

The prices of these trackers range from 3500INR to 6499INR depending upon the type of vehicle. The trackers can be easily ordered from and for advanced settings. The Tracking application is also available on the play store as well as on App store. So, without wasting a minute, order yours for smooth and hassle-free travel.

Final Words

This innovative GPS has helped millions of vehicle operators in their journey. Fleet track is your all in one solution for the vehicle’s safety and security.

Download Tracking application on your devices and ride in with fleettrack to become a trusted partner of the company with the following link:

For more details, visit:

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