Bhumika Tewari Wins The Prestigious Purple Quill Award – A True Game Changer In The Literary World

The Purple Quill Award, presented by the esteemed Cherry Book Awards, is an electrifying beacon that illuminates the path of literary greatness. It is a celebration of the extraordinary, a testament to the power of words, and this year, it has found its remarkable champion in the remarkable Bhumika Tewari. Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring journey into the realm of literary excellence as we unveil the triumph that has reshaped the literary landscape forever.

Discovering the Ink Scribe: Bhumika Tewari’s Literary Odyssey

Ms Bhumika Tewari: A name destined to be etched among the greats, a beacon of brilliance illuminating the literary landscape, and a force that will continue to inspire generations to come. In the world of literature, where imagination knows no bounds, a remarkable talent emerges, captivating readers and inspiring minds. Meet Bhumika Tewari, a literary prodigy whose words paint vivid pictures and evoke profound emotions. With an unrivalled gift for storytelling and an unyielding passion for the written word, Bhumika has embarked on a journey that defies expectations and sets her apart as a true luminary of the literary realm.

About Ms. Bhumika Tewari

Ms Bhumika Tewari is a 17 years old Kolkata native has a creative bend of mind in writing and to draught down her thoughts from mind to paper and also a passion for writing. She has co-authored in more than 200 anthologies with three solo books and has been aligned with more than 20  publication houses.  Ms. Bhumika Tewari – a poetic soul whose words paint vivid images, stir deep emotions, and capture the essence of the human experience.

Inspirational author Ms. Bhumika Tewari has completed her class 12 and is now preparing for the Neet medical entrance exam along with this she above all else, loves dreaming and writing about life. In 2018, her writing was published in telegraph and her write-up has also been published in  Times of India newspaper, Indian Periodical magazine, Deccan Business and many more.

She has published 3 books already named Rapid Rafts available in Amazon and Bluerose store, Lost in You available in Amazon as well as Sort of Lost books available in Wattpad and has compiled more than 15 anthologies. She is now currently working on a historical fictional novel about Maya Civilization and a collection of horror stories.

About Bhumika Tewari’s Poetry

Bhumika Tewari’s poetry is a symphony of emotions, a tapestry of thoughts, and a journey into the depths of the human heart and soul. Her words are like delicate brushstrokes on a canvas, creating a masterpiece that lingers in the hearts and minds of her readers long after the last stanza has been read.

Bhumika’s literary prowess extends far beyond her years. Her ability to tackle complex themes with wisdom and maturity belies her youthful presence, leaving readers astounded by the depth and insight within her works. Her stories resonate with universal truths, exploring the intricacies of the human condition and shining a light on the profound interconnectedness of our shared experiences.

While Bhumika’s talent lies in her written words, her impact goes beyond the confines of her manuscripts. She possesses a profound empathy that allows her to tap into the hearts of her readers, igniting emotions and fostering a deep sense of connection. Through her stories, she sparks conversations, challenges perspectives, and inspires others to embrace their own creative potential.

As the literary world eagerly embraces Bhumika Tewari, her unique voice promises to leave an indelible mark on the annals of literature. With each new piece she creates, she pushes the boundaries of storytelling, daring to explore uncharted territories and captivating readers with her boundless imagination. Her journey as a literary prodigy has only just begun, and the world awaits with bated breath for the next chapter in her remarkable story.

List of Achievements of Bhumika Tewari

Bhumika Tewari’s achievements include her as one of the top 10 talented personalities of the globe by Inkzoid Foundation. She has participated in many writing competitions and has secured ranks in many. She has been awarded as best and fastest co-author by Bright Future Publication and has also been declared as 3rd runner-up in international poetry competition.

She has been provided with the title as best debut writer, glorious writer, proficient writer and best poetry to dedicate. She has also been awarded the most prestigious award  “ Fastest Co-author “ by NLHF World Record for completion of 90 anthologies within 14 hours. Featured in top 5 winners in nationwide Shrihind competition and has achieved the badge of LITERARY LIEUTANANT by storymirror.

Bhumika Tewari’s poetry has been featured in a variety of publications and platforms, including literary magazines, online journals, and poetry collections including The Literature Times Magazine, Lidue, Eagle Eye Magazine. Her work has also been recognized with numerous awards and accolades, including :

  • Rabindranath Tagore literature Award 2022
  • International Mother Teresa Award 2022
  • TagoreRatna Prestigious Award 2022
  • DRDC World Book of Records award 2022
  • Glorious Book Of Record Holder
  • Bharat Ratan Purushkar Award 2023
  • INKZOID World Record Holder
  • Ray Memorial Awards 2023
  • INKZOID Excellence Award 2023
  • INKZOID Achiever’s Award 2023
  • Outstanding Women Awards 2023
  • Inspiring Author Literary Award 2023
  • Jagruk Rashtriya Gaurav Samman 2023
  • The Blue Dolphin Award 2023
  • Iconic personality award 2023
  • Talent Hunt award 2023
  • Rashtriya Puraskar Literary Award 2023

Despite her success, Bhumika remains grounded and committed to her craft, continuing to write and explore new ideas and themes in her work. She is an important voice in the contemporary poetry scene, and her unique style and perspective continue to captivate and inspire readers around the world.

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