“Dream to work in PAN India Films” – Kaushal Vyas

In recent talked with us, Kaushal Vyas said that he is very excited to work in PAN India films if get a chance to work in it and added, “It’s my dream to work in PAN India & South Indian Films and I am watching south Indian movies more than others”.

Kaushal Vyas added that he loves to watch Action Sequence because the Action genre is his favourite in all categories and he loved to do Action Films in Future. PAN India movies are connecting all different languages in one Emotion and these types of films are very creatively shoot with Amazing Stories.

He said that he was inspired more by south films stories, Cinematography, Direction, Screenplays and Actors mass entry in any movie.

Recently Kaushal Vyas had completed his next “RAADO” and now working on Action projects for this year 2021 and want to make a big hit in Action-Packed Genre and it will be like dream came true moment for him if get a massive hit on the box office and public point of views.

Now waiting for his next move with Action to create some different identity in the Action genre.

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