Heritage International School will host Maharashtra’s First Rural Space Education Lab

Under the Leadership of Prof. Dr. Pratik Mungekar Memorandum of Understanding was signed on February 18, 2023, at a signing ceremony between Heritage International School and Vyomika Space Academy, powered by the Indian Space Research Organization, to establish Maharashtra’s First Space Education Lab in Rural areas.

Govind Yadav and Prof. Dr. Pratik Mungekar, on behalf of the VSA ISRO Space Tutor Program, were in attendance for the signing ceremony, along with Mr. Krishna Bhilare (Founder President) Mrs. Sangeeta Bhilare (Secretary) Mr. Kunal Bhilare (Director) Mrs. Yashaswini Bhilare (Administrative Coordinator) and Mrs. Renu Patil (Principal).

According to Dr. Pratik, education broadens options for social mobility, improves economic prospects, and empowers women and young girls. While remote and rural communities have historically had difficulty getting access to education, space-based technologies like flying drones and RC aircraft, 3D printing and CAD modelling, robotics and coding, virtual reality and gamification, and STEM education are transforming these communities’ educational opportunities.

Heritage International School will host Maharashtra’s First Rural Space Education Lab.

Space not only aids in the delivery of programmes but also inspires students. Space-related classes frequently pique students’ interest and imagination and inspire both male and female young people to pursue careers in the sciences.

Mr. Kunal Bhilare expressed that this space school will focus on gamifying space education and learning. Developing the world’s next generation of astronauts, astrophysicists, space scientists, and aerospace engineers is our vision. We are excited to open the first rural space education lab in Maharashtra, which is now prepared for cosmic action in a small village school in Mulshi Tahsil, Pune.

Vyomika Space Academy and Heritage International School will work with ISRO CBPO to assist kids in launching rockets, seeing solar system through telescopes, building robots, and flying aircraft. All schools will be able to visit this lab to study more about space, aviation, and satellites, as said by Ms. Renu Patil (Principal).

Heritage International School will host Maharashtra’s First Rural Space Education Lab.

Govind Yadav and Dr. Pratik Mungekar sir received special gratitude from Mrs. Yashaswini Bhilare for their encouragement and assistance.

Leading ISRO scientist Dr. T. N. Sureshkumr sir virtually praised the country and predicted that with the help of these labs, India’s future would be bright. The teachers and support staff at Heritage International School were present for this priceless signing event.

Visionary Krishna Bhilare and Sangeeta Bhilare stated that we strive to provide all of our students at Heritage International School with the proper education and education in the right way.

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