Instagram’s Rising Star Natasha Anwar Tells The Secret Behind Growth On Social Media

Ever Since the Pandemic came, Mass Consumption of social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp etc has reached new heights. Especially on Instagram where various influencers rose to fame. One of them is Canada Based influencer Natasha Anwar. Born and brought up in Karnataka, she now lives in Canada, where she is a law graduate by profession. Natasha boasts of a great fan following on Instagram, with user base accounting to more than a lakh.

Natasha has always been a keen observer of art and is herself a trained dancer and has judged various competitions as well. She is also a state-level badminton player and an avid bird watcher as well, Pigeons are her favourite. She was also the part of Onakkalam Ormmakalam Music Video which went viral throughout southern India and has already garnered half a million views on YouTube.

Natasha says to obtain success on social media you need to remember two things- Be fearless, don’t let your fear stop you from achieving what you aspire for. Dream Big and do everything in your power to achieve them. The second thing is- Don’t Think What Others will say, Do what you believe in and never give up no matter how many ups and downs you face.

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