KGF Star Yash in Conversation with Anchor Anupam Anand

K.G.F.: Chapter 2 is one of the much-anticipated movies of 2022. The film is sequel to 2018 blockbuster K.G.F.: Chapter 1, which turned Kannada star Yash into a Pan-India sensation and created a separate fan base for the movie. 

The premise of the movie is set wherein Rocky becomes the uplifter of people struggling at the KGF by helping and fighting for them who understands the changing dynamics between the politicians and gangsters in the gold business and have to face his biggest foe Adheera.

Due to the pandemic, the makers were earlier forced to postpone the release date of the film multiple times. However, they have now zeroed on April 14 of 2022 to release the film and with the pandemic situation improving, KGF lovers’ long wait for the favorite will end soon.

With the release date of KGF 2 inching closer, the makers have shared a key update related to the movie and in a way confirmed that they are ready to release the trailer of the Yash starrer too. In order to relive the same, Anupam Anand, a celebrity anchor from Bangalore, has released a nostalgic video of him with Superstar Yash from an event that was held during the shoot of K.G.F.: Chapter 1

You can watch the video of Rapid Fire with KGF 2 Star Yash by Anchor Anupam Anand by clicking here:

Anupam Anand was the host of the event where Rocking Star Yash was a special guest along with Big Boss Kannada winner Pratham and Anchor Anushree. Since the audience was going bananas over the presence of legends, Anupam decided to go ahead and play a rapid fire game with him.

KGF Star Yash was very sport and nodded to play the rapid fire game with Anupam. Before starting the game, Yash had a small chit chat with the audience present at the event and then Anupam started off with his first question by asking who is the best and favorite actor in the Sandalwood (Kannada Film Industry) apart from him and Yash was very quick to say that Achyuth Kumar is his favorite actor who apparently played the role of his father in a movie named Mr. & Mrs. Ramachari.

Anupam quickly transitioned his question and asked him who’s his favorite from Bollywood to which Yash said it was none other than Amitabh Bachchan. I mean, who does not love Amitabh Bachchan, the legend.

Anupam kept throwing the rapid fire towards Yash with his next question on who was his favorite actress in Sandalwood apart from Radhika Pandit(who is his wife). Yash started smiling on this and gave a very diplomatic answer like an ideal husband by saying that Radhika is his only favorite actress but also cheekily went ahead and said that he also likes Bharathi Vishnuvardhan(Bharathi Amma) and Deepika Padukone as actresses.

When asked about who his favorite director is, his answer to Anupam was obvious. He said Shashank sir was his favorite director. I’d like to tell you that Director Shashank is the one who gave Yash a break in the film “Moggina Manasu”.

Humor goes a long way and it’s perfect to keep the environment light! Anupam loves to ask funny things and so he went on with asking Yash about the secret behind his beautiful hair. He even gave a few options as to what he uses, is it coconut oil, mustard oil or amla oil. Yash is no less when it comes to humor, so he replied with Castor Oil.

Yash became a legend after the release of K.G.F.: Chapter 1 but Anupam Anand was quite certain of the hard work that this actor puts in for his projects, so he asked him What is the secret behind his energy? What keeps him motivated towards his passion? To which, Yash very fondly responded saying, “Follow whatever your heart says and you’ll reach places”.

As the release date of K.G.F.: Chapter 2 is coming closer, fans are going berserk over it. When we asked Anchor Anupam Anand if he aspires to do any role in the movies in future, he said, “I would love to do the role of a villain opposite Yash!”. He also told us that the next season of his homegrown series The Weekly with ChoubeyJi is also set to go on the floor around the release of K.G.F.:Chapter 2. We hope that the next season of The Weekly with ChoubeyJi becomes more successful than the first one. Mind you, the first season has already grabbed around lakhs of views on various platforms. You can connect with Anupam on his Instagram @anupam_aanand

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