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Suyog Buradkar honoured with Zee Yuva Sanman 2020

Suyog Buradkar is a young entrepreneur from Wani, who is  also an engineer by profession. He is known for building a plasma disinfection machine that utilizes oxygen present in the air. This machine comes handy when a person is suffering from life-threatening illnesses such as chuck corona. This newly built device was tested at one of the most renowned hospitals in Nagpur. Suyog’s work was taken note of by Zee Yuva, and they recently honored him. Suyog is currently working as an engineer in Wani. He was presented with the Zee Yuva Science and Technology Award. 

Wani is a small taluka in Yavatmal District and Buradkar is a renowned sculptor in this small town. Suyog Sudhakar Buradkar has brought glory to the place and people visit here regularly to purchase his arts. When he was in class XII, Suyog was not as smart as other students. However, owing to his heritage in the art background and his love of science, he finally took the branch of science in the 11th standard. 

He passed his class 12th with good marks, but due to a shortage of one mark, he had to cancel his admission in engineering. However, he was too stubborn with his dreams and thoughts, and this attitude did not allow him to forget his dreams about becoming an engineer.

 He always had that thought of getting admission in engineering at the back of his mind. His family was not allowing him to go to Delhi, but somehow he managed to reach Delhi against his family’s will. He opted for Engineering, but due to the shortage of academic marks, he could not do so from a renowned college. He completed his engineering from an open university. The university’s reputation hardly mattered to him. He concentrated on his hunger for education.

His career journey began soon after that. From Delhi, he reached Mumbai for work. After reaching Mumbai, he planned to set up a factory to manufacture LED bulbs. Due to the rise of corporate scandals, the demand for local LED bulbs was on the rise. It helped him achieve success soon. 

He also manufactured air-conditioning devices that saved electricity to a great extent. This device was encompassed in the Smart AC Logic Board DND Website. His venture was named Briskar Electronics, and it had the capability of competing with big companies in Bangalore.  A few tech giants included Infosys, Goldman Sachs, Intuit, etc.

Zee Yuva was astonished by his journey of life and decided to honor Suyog Sudhakar Buradkar as a Young Entrepreneur and a Visionary Engineer. He was lately presented with the award of Zee Yuva Vigyan Ani Tantragyan Samman at Zee Yuva Sanman for his contribution towards Science and Technology. He plans to locate his venture in the Capital of Vidarbha soon and manufacture air conditioners and several other types of equipment. 

He believes young people should start their own business with perseverance from the background of Science and Technology. With utmost passion, they should build a future out of their dreams.

Suyog Buradkar is the founder and CEO of Brisker Systems. His venture is well-known and renowned for offering all kinds of services and networking solutions. He caters to clients from over the globe. He aspired to represent India in the entire world, and that is what his company is doing. He is doing a great job by representing his country in the entire world at a whole new level of Science and Technology. 

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