Vaishali Chhabra differs with Narayana Murthy, says 70 hours work week is a recipe for personal and societal disaster

Narayana Murthy’s recent advocacy for a 70-hour workweek in India has triggered a range of reactions within the corporate and art sphere. The Infosys founder’s remarks, made during a podcast with former Infosys CFO TV Mohandas Pai, have stirred virtual and real-world discussions – leaving artists and corporate captains divided.

Artist Vaishali Chhabra’s perspective stands in contrast to Tech Mahindra CEO CP Gurnani, who supported Murthy’s idea, emphasizing the broader goals of nation-building and character development. founder-CEO Anupam Mittal also aligned with Murthy’s stance.

“Working 70 hours a week, as Narayana Murthy suggests, is a recipe for personal and societal disaster. From a health perspective, it’s physically and mentally draining, leaving individuals exhausted and prone to burnout. The human body and mind need rest and balance to function optimally. Moreover, such excessive work hours rob people of precious time with their loved ones, eroding the emotional bonds that make life meaningful. In this relentless pursuit of productivity, we risk becoming slaves to the relentless march of technology and AI bots, rather than nurturing the essence of humanity. It’s high time we reevaluate our priorities and find a sustainable work-life equilibrium,” says Artist Vaishali Chhabra, a multi-talented personality based in Noida.

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