12 y.o. boy Crosses 337 Ft Reservoir in 7 minutes! sets world record

At a time when most children engage in long play hours and screen time, this 12-year-old boy is busy breaking records. Meet R.Rudreshwar, a child prodigy who just entered the Noble Book of World Records for crossing a 103 mts (337 ft) reservoir without a belay within a record-breaking time of 7 minutes, and 2 seconds!

The event took place at Mudichur, near Tambaram, Chennai, and was felicitated by official members of the Noble Book of World Records. The official representative and adjudicator from the organization – Mr. Thiruloka Chander recognized this feat and presented the certificate of achievement to Rudreshwar with his close friends and family in attendance.

Rudreshwar is a 7th-grade student studying in the Velammal Vidhyashram CBSE group of schools in Salamangalam, Chennai. He has been training in mountaineering since he was 5 years old! Ever since he has set out for numerous feats. Some of them over the years include – rappelling down a 151 ft height mountain in Malapattu, Chennai at the age of 6 (his first world record as the youngest rappeller); climbing upto 3720 meters on Mt.Kilimanjaro – the highest mountain in Africa up to 5895 meters, at the age of just 7; and also rappelling down 400 ft at Katika waterfalls in Araku, Visakhapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh at the age of 8! 

Adventure sports is one that involves severe age restrictions, fitness, and safety checks. And for Rudreshwar to be setting new world records at an age as young as 12 really makes his story and accomplishment stand out. It also goes to show his passion for outdoor and adventure sports.  

It was under the guidance and training from the Tamil Nadu Mountaineering Association, and the full support of his father, that Rudreshwar set out to create adventure world records. Rudreshwar’s father – SV Ramana is the joint secretary of the Tamil Nadu Mountaineering Association and an officer at Punjab National Bank. He is also a frequent mountaineer with a very impressive track record. He holds a doctorate in Mountaineering from the International University of Jamaica; holds the UNICO world record for rappelling down a 155 ft rock at Malapattu Mountain in Tamil Nadu – blindfolded; holds the Noble World Record for speed trekking to 18880 ft in Ladakh; and has also rappelled down 400 ft at Katika waterfalls, Araku, Andhra Pradesh in the veteran category as a record-setter. Growing up, Rudreshwar would tag along with his father to trek and climb mountains, which brought about his love for adventure sports. His interest, enthusiasm, and passion for the sport received encouragement from both his parents to delve deeper into the sport.  

“My parents have always been a big support, and have paved the way for me to reach this point so early in my life,” Rudreshwar told the media while thanking everyone for the support.  

Speaking on Rudreshwar’s latest feat, his parents stated – “Every child is unique and is endowed with unique passions, talents, and skills. The trick lies in identifying them, helping them focus on it, and showing them a way out to bring them out and make the most of it. Helping children overcome distractions and honing their natural talent goes a very long way in achieving goals, and making their dreams come true. We are very proud of what Rudreshwar has been able to accomplish at such a young age, and we look forward to him reacher greater heights as he grows older”.  

Rudreshwar has also proven to be a child prodigy in other respects as well. Apart from mountaineering, he is also proficient in Chess, Skating, Archery, Silambam, and Yoga. When asked about what his dream accomplishment is, he stated that he’d like to climb to the top of Mount Everest someday.

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