From Films to Books – Know The Incredible Journey Of Shubhan Balvally

After spending 35 wonderful years being associated with Audio & Visual medium, a journey that took Author Shubhan Balvally from Feature Films, Documentaries, Audio Visuals, Television Commercials and Music Videos, he made a successful foray as a Novelist in 2019. His debut novel titled ARIHANT – REVENGE PAR EXCELLENCE which was based on the genre of Science Fiction won him the BEST PLOT CREATION Award. After publishing the sequel and threequel of ARIHANT, Author Shubhan Balvally continued to push his limits and explore new horizons.

And that’s how Shubhan wrote his fourth Novel which was a murder mystery, a completely different genre from his earlier three science fiction novels. This particular novel was based on a subject which was rarely written about in any films, T.V Serials or even books. This was based on a topic known as ‘HOMICIDAL NOCTAMBULISM’ or simply, ‘SLEEPWALKING MURDERS’. And Shubhan created a taut and nail-biting story which was unputdownable right till the very end! This murder mystery was titled as NOCTAMBULISM – FLOOD OF BLOOD which again won him ‘AUTHOR OF THE YEAR’ Award from Ukiyoto Publishing and also the CHERRY BOOK AWARD for the Best Book to Read. Post that, he published a sequel to this unique, one-of-a-kind murder mystery which was titled FLOOD OF BLOOD 2 – BLOODHOUNDS RISING.

Two of his works, “Arihant – Revenge par Excellence” and “Noctambulism – Flood of Blood” were officially selected and recommended at the Diorama International Film Festival and Market which was held in New Delhi in December 2022.

All his books have received rave reviews not just in India but also internationally and are available on AMAZON KINDLE, FLIPKART, BARNES & NOBLE and WALMART.

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