In a journey of healing and meditation, Anant Oorja Safar bags the ‘Most Promising Spiritual Organization Award’

Anant Oorja Safar, at the prestigious Mumbai Achievers Awards, was declared the ‘Most Promising Spiritual Organization’.

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]: An event like no other, walking the red carpet were a few of the most renowned faces in the Bollywood industry, the most creative and influential influencers, and what makes these awards special is that it also includes a set of Samaritans who left no card spared in serving the society and making the world a better place.

The event had been supported by the Governor of Maharashtra and was held at Taj Palace, Santacruz. Among the esteemed guests were influencers and actors like Oorfi Javed, Shirley Setia, Ankita Lokhande, Asis Kaur, Ramji Gulati, and Rajiv Adaditya. The whole event was emceed by Siddharth Kanan.

Among the Samaritans, ones to catch every eye were the sibling duo of Aarvika Gupta and Aayush Gupta who have been relentlessly working towards implementing meditation in India as well as globally via the journey they call ‘Anant Oorja Safar’. A journey of healing, a pilgrimage for oneself every day, and a way to incorporate a lifestyle where meditation is not a part of life, but a way to interact with the inner self.

In the past, Anant Oorja Safar has already created milestones. One of their successes was when they reached Dubai to implement meditation with Dubai Police along with several well-known people of Dubai and include meditation as a part of their curriculum. Not just this, but via Anant Oorja Safar, Aayush healed the father of former Prime Minister of The UK, Boris Johnson. Not to forget, a similar journey has been followed and is still an ongoing process in India and Nepal. Schools are implementing meditation, people are including it in their daily lives, and the voyage continues.

As the duo walked the red carpet and met with the renowned guests, there were several questions in the minds of the media as to what more could be done in terms of spirituality and what were the further plans of the siblings as far as meditation and Anant Oorja Safar was concerned. Here we bring an exclusive interview with Aarvika and Aayush on how they have nurtured Anant Oorja Safar, and how they felt about the recognition at the prestigious event.

“This is a really proud moment for us. When society recognizes and appreciates you, one feels responsible for the humans around you. We will ensure from here that we keep protecting the humanity and fulfill the need of the hour, and help more and more people meditate better, and stay focused,” said Aayush as he felt proud while at the same time realizing what lay on his shoulders and what was to be done further.

We spoke to Aarvika who is an elder sibling and has seen him grow. When we asked about Aayush’s childhood and how she feels today, she was speechless for a moment and just smiled. After a small pause, reminiscing the journey, she said,” I have always seen him chanting mantras, or focusing on ‘dhyaan’ from the time when he was a small kid. Although I never thought this would be the path to take, I was sure that he was connected to spirituality like none of us usually are. Slowly I realized that this was not something to be done apart from his daily life, but this was his life. This is what he wanted to do, and that is how we together came up with the journey of ‘Anant Oorja Safar’.”

Very recently, the journey took a huge leap, when in Indore’s  Omkareshwar, over 1000 jawans of the CISF at the CISF camp started their morning with meditation and Reiki under the guidance of Aayush Gupta. Mr. Gupta did not just help them practice meditation, but also introduced them to the healing therapy of Reiki, and urged them to incorporate specific methods in their daily lives, to which the crowd agreed.

When asked about the immediate future of Anant Oorja Safar, Aayush said,” We are thrilled to have won this award. But we are more excited about what is coming further. On 21st June, on the occasion of Yoga Day, we are organizing a huge event wherein we are going to discuss Yoga and Meditation. We will not only be doing this, but also narrating to people, how Yoga is not just about ‘Aasans’. It has much more to it, and can help every human if done the right away.”

People often consider meditation to be an extra effort or feel that this is nothing but what the elite do. As far as Ms. Aarvika is concerned, she comes from a different profession altogether. She is an actor. When asked about the concept of meditation and how it is considered by a layperson, she narrated,” I myself come from a profession where I am competing with a lakh more people every day. But the whole point of meditation or yoga is that it acts as a catalyst in your life when given that time.” She talked about how an actor’s life does have a lot of entertainment and there is a space to connect with more people, and also visit different places, but the crux of it all lies in how stable a person is. She further added, “In my life, stability came when I started doing Yoga and Meditation. Slowly, I realized that I am at a better place, and am being able to achieve what I could not earlier.”

Anant Oorja Safar aims to reach out to more people and make them a part of this exciting journey that could help them be better people, and also have a vision that is unexplored by oneself.

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