Michelle Ayon Navajas reveals the cover of her upcoming book ‘Locker’

Get ready to embark on an emotional journey with Michelle Ayon Navajas’ highly anticipated new book, Locker! The bestselling poet-author from the Philippines is set to release her latest collection of fictional short stories that promise to tug at your heartstrings and leave you wanting more.

Known for her touching poetry and captivating storytelling, Michelle Ayon Navajas has earned a dedicated following of fans worldwide, especially in India, where her previous works have become instant bestsellers. Her ability to craft relatable characters and evoke deep emotions in her readers has made her one of the most popular South-east Asian writers in the Indian readers world.

Michelle took to social media to reveal the cover of her upcoming book Locker. It was conceptualized and designed by Michelle’s Creative Consultant, Norj Joseph Domingo with the help of Angelo Torotoro, a graphic artist. The cover has a yellow background with a red open locker (cupboard) full of poetry, mass communication, and literature books along with some sticky notes, stationary, and pictures depicting memories. The cover does complete justice to the title and subtitle of the book.

In anticipation of the release of Locker, Michelle shared, “This book is close to my heart, and I hope it will resonate with readers as much as it has with me.” The book has already generated buzz among fans and early readers, who have praised the book for its emotional depth and captivating storyline.

If you’re a fan of Michelle’s previous works or simply enjoy emotionally charged stories, Locker is a must-read for you! The collection of fictional stories promises to be a captivating read that will touch your heart and leave a lasting impression.

Aside from her writing accomplishments, Michelle is a former college professor who taught literature, speech & oral communication, creative writing, drama, and theatre arts. She is also a graduate of Mass Communications major in Journalism and holds a Master of Education majoring in English from the University of San Agustin in the Philippines.

Her 8th poetry book, “I Am In Itself Poetry In The Dark,” went straight to the top of both the best-sellers list and new releases on Amazon on short notice. Her 7th poetry book, “It Ain’t Winning If Without You,” went straight to the best-sellers list on Amazon in less than 24 hours of release by pre-orders alone and eventually became the number Poetry Book on Amazon India on its actual release day, soon after the book rose to the best- sellers list as well in all other Amazon Markets worldwide.

Michelle is also a freelance content writer and a blogger whose blog recently crossed 1,00,000 hits. Her poetry appeared in several international literary magazines and anthologies such as Spillwords NYC, MasticadoresUsa, and MasticadoresIndia. Her poems “Holding Hands” was voted as Spillwords Publication of the Month for November 2021 and “Love Happens” was voted as Spillwords Publication of the Month for December 2022. She is also part of the award-winning ensemble of authors in two Poetry Anthologies, that are both Amazon Best-Sellers: Hidden In Childhood and Wounds I Healed.

Locker is set to hit bookshelves soon, and fans can’t wait to delve into the world of Michelle’s latest characters and experience the emotional journey that awaits. Don’t miss out on this much-anticipated event in the literary world and grab your copy of Locker as soon as it’s released!

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