Mistakes authors make while publishing their first book!

In the realm of literature, there are authors who possess the exceptional ability to transport readers to captivating worlds and to create stories that leave an indelible mark on the soul. Rahul Saini, a talented wordsmith, stands among these literary luminaries. He has authored seven novels and is identified as a ‘multifaceted storyteller’ by many critics. He has been lauded time and again for writing intensely relatable characters, compelling plots and unforgettable journeys and for exploring universal themes. His novels are said to resonate emotionally with his readers and I can vouch for that after reading his latest offering, The Part I Left With You

We, at Tripsy Media talked to him about the mistakes debut authors make while publishing and marketing their books. This we what the author had to say –

Tripsy Media: What mistakes do authors make while publishing their first book?

Rahul Saini: At that stage, I think I would want to suggest the authors to be patient. The publishing industry has its own pace and it takes time to refine and polish a manuscript. I have seen so many examples in which the book does not read as good as it could have as it was rushed, both at the writing stage and at the production stage. So, if its your first book and you want to get it published, give it the time it needs.

Tripsy Media: What are the most common challenges new authors face and how they can overcome those challenges?

Rahul Saini: Ah! That will be a long list because a new author faces a lot of challenges in this industry. The first and the foremost will be getting your manuscript accepted. And it is very common to face rejections by agents and publishers. And if that is happening to someone, they should consider self-publishing so that they have complete control over their work. After that, creating an identity for yourself, as an author, I think is the next big challenge to tackle.

Tripsy Media: I hope new authors find it helpful. Do you think marketing plays an important role in the success of a book?

Rahul Saini: Yes, by all means, yes. I have seen far too many good books that failed to create a mark because of inadequate promotion and marketing. We are living in a world where I don’t think any book can be successful without a good, strong marketing campaign. Marketing is paramount!

Tripsy Media: As a bestselling author, have you made any mistakes while publishing your first book and what are the ways that new authors can adopt to avoid such mistakes?

Rahul Saini: The landscape of Indian publishing industry was very different when I published my first book and I think things worked out well for me for what I did but things are very different today. If I were launch myself as an author, I would have gone ahead to self-publish my book. It would have given me a better control over the things I needed to do to make my book a bestseller. You get higher royalties and can invest more for the marketing and promotion for your book.

Tripsy Media : Any advice for the authors who want to self-publish their books?

Rahul Saini: I know the idea of self-publishing is not looked upon with a lot of respect by many and there are a lot of problems in this region of the industry. Because of these reasons, I am launching a publishing platform which is designed to make things simpler for all debut authors. They will be provided with editing services, one to one conversations with the editors, which I feel is very crucial.  I will also design and offer a large variety of promotion and marketing options. I am starting this initiative to solve all the problems a ‘first time author’ faces in this industry. So, anyone who is looking for a publisher can feel free to get in touch with me and discuss the prospects of their books.

Tripsy Media : Any bonus tip you would like to give to new authors?

Rahul Saini : Authors need to learn to take criticism positively. They should respond to the feedback their readers have to offer them as much as possible as it not only helps them improve their writing but also generates a connection between them and their readers which will, in turn, help them for their future books.

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