The Revolutionary Approach: ProThoughts Launching DAC Certification in India

The Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) takes the lead by assisting teams to handle issues coming from other parts of the business and to enhance their own “Style of Management” for firms looking to flourish in today’s competitive market. The DAC is equipped with a special toolkit, exclusive knowledge to promote group decision-making, and proficiency in guided continuous improvement (GCI). The DAC creates roadmaps in addition to simply comprehending coaching competencies.

Increase your understanding of and proficiency with disciplined agile. Become credible with the company’s leadership. They assist groups in selecting their way of working so they may achieve true business agility. Let’s learn how the revolution is changing as ProThoughts brings to us the DAC certification in India. The wait is over.

What is “Disciplined Agile”?

Disciplined Agile is a toolset rather than a framework that focuses on the choices you must make, the trade-offs involved with these choices, and the judgments you must make. It demonstrates how to adapt and scale up the tactics from Scrum, Extreme Programming, Agile Modeling, Agile Data, and many more methodologies. Disciplined agile adoption helps businesses reach the market faster, generate value more quickly, and customer satisfaction.

Additional Course Specifics:

  • The master-level certification in the Disciplined Agile journey is called Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC).
  • It helps your teams and company become more agile by elevating your skills to the highest level of Disciplined Agile.
  • The disciplined agile coach aids in fostering agility within the organization. He or she becomes well-versed in the Disciplined Agile toolset and employs a variety of strategies to alter the organization’s transition to agility.

Necessary conditions for DAC accreditation

The applicant should have a current DASSM (Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master) certification and three years of experience in agile coaching. This advanced training and certification is designed to maximize leadership and direction of agile teams so that the Disciplined Agile toolkit can be used effectively.

Learning Objectives of DAC Course:

  • Provide tips for Coaching Teams
  • How to use the Disciplined Agile Toolkit throughout the organization in order to achieve Agility
  • Recognize the flexible nature of organizations and concentrate on cultural transformations
  • Discover methods and resources for coaching teams.

What are the benefits of registering the DAC Course with ProThoughts?

You will get access to ProThought’s new learning platform after purchasing your course, which offers Rich and Best Course Materials, Game based interactive learning, High-end resources, Study Assistance, Mock tests, Videos, and much more!

What does ProThoughts teach with their PreWorkshops?

The Pre-Workshop Phase 1 contains asynchronous learning, which includes the following things:

  • The Disciplined Agile Coach
  • Achieving the DA’s coaching end goals
  • Fostering individual, team, and group-level transformation
  • Coaching teams within the framework of their organization
  • Guiding groups as they undergo transformation

The Pre-Workshop Phase 2 consists of (classroom training):

  • The DA mentality
  • Working with the governance/PMO team you already have
  • Identifying competencies and problems
  • Recognizing chances for improvement
  • Using the backlog for improvement
  • Making a playbook for coaches
  • Putting guided continuous improvement into practise (GCI)
  • Identifying and removing obstacles
  • Identifying the underlying source of problems
  • Supporting workplace diversity
  • Guiding groups through the process of transition
  • Removing constraints on decision-making
  • Collaborating with outside teams – GCI across many teams
  • Assisting your business in building the capacity it needs

How can I learn from that as a trainee?

  • For your instructor-led class, prepare in advance.
  • Accessible resources and study materials for exams.
  • Connect instantly now with your instructor.
  • Grab your certificates of accomplishment.

What are the takeaways from the DAC course?

  • To support agile transformation, learn how to align teams with organizational strategy and goals.
  • Focus on and encourage team-wide and internal cultural reform
  • Learn how to guide diverse teams and groups of teams often with varying priorities and recommended WoWs to determine the best way to collaborate and learn from one another in light of the scenario they are currently facing.
  • Develop your ability to work together with many stakeholders and join the core team for the organization’s transformation journey.
  • By utilizing tried-and-true principles and strategies, become the authority in the Disciplined Agile toolkit and accelerate process improvement.
  • Prepare for the Disciplined Agile Coach (DAC) test so you may pass it and obtain a worthwhile, reliable certification. Certification with ProThoughts already includes your exam price. So why wait, avail your certification soon.


Disciplined Agile Coach has proven abilities to guide teams on how to apply and optimize Disciplined Agile throughout the organisation, build credibility with organisational leadership, and assist teams and organisations in selecting their way of working (WoW). ProThoughts DAC certification program is a vital step in achieving true agility!

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