A Storyteller in a quest of writing… Rakesh K Kaul

Rakesh Kaul, an IIT gold medallist, migrated to the US in 1972. He was a founding contributor to the first Chair of India Studies at University of California Berkeley, the Center for the Advanced Study of India at University of Pennsylvania and the Mattoo Center for India Studies at The State University of New York.

He is the author of the bestseller The Last Queen of Kashmir. Kaul has had a distinguished business career as CEO and leadership positions of publicly traded companies in the US. He serves as the Vice-Chair of the Indo-American Arts Council.

About the book:

Dawn – The Warrior Princess of Kashmir

The last girl on Earth must become the ultimate warrior to fight a primeval power 3000 A.D.: Dawn wakes up on her sixteenth birthday to a strange surprise. Having lived alone with her mother in a sanctuary cave in the Trans-Himalayas, she is visited by two strange guests bearing an odd warning and request-she is in great peril and must embark on a mission to save the world. She has to wage a war against King Arman, who wants a world overrun by human-AI hybrids, a world that runs on Vicarious Reality, a world where women are obsolete. As she space-jumps through past eras, Dawn realises that the real nemesis is actually a primal, entity who feeds on darkness and evil named Dushita.

With the help of five outlaw boys, Dawn readies to battle the most technologically advanced, lethal empire ever known to man. Her only strength is the hundred odd, ancient niti stories that originated from Kashmir which provide wise counsel. As the group relives the tales and legends, it unlocks powers within Dawn. With her transformation into Usha, the wise and fearless warrior, complete, the inevitable clash awaits. But it is do or die: Dawn is the last girl on Earth and the fate of the worlds lies in her life force.

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