Anmol Raju Singh – I Love to eat “Pizza”

Anmol Raju Singh tells that she is very fond of eating pizza and other junk food, she also loves to drink milkshakes and LaPinoz Pizza is her favorite brand.

Apart from all this, she likes other outside food items very much, she also likes chocolates and she loves to eat such things very much.

Anmol Raju Singh - I Love to eat "Pizza"

About Anmol Raju Singh – Anmol Raju Singh is an Indian Female child Artist, Who recently appeared in Gujarat Tourism’s Children Nutrition Park advertisement, Digital India advertisement & Dento Shine’s toothpaste advertisement.

Anmol Raju Singh was born on 19 November 2015 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Her father’s name is Raju Bhai Singh, her mother’s name is Reshma Raju Bhai Singh & her brother’s name is Arman Raju Bhai Singh, their religion is Hindu.

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