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As one of the leading online tutoring, international student recruitment and immigration platforms in the North region of India, they have been working hard in online tutoring since 2014. From the past two years, Course Mentor has established the greatest platform for the students to learn, explore & career growth.

The world is changing at a rapid pace with technological advancement. It also impacted the education system. It emerged online tutoring to make the education system better for the students and country growth.

The word CourseMentor brings a lot of hopes like learning convenience, career consultation, better work opportunity, free education to needy children, better work culture and many more. It also offers access to the top educational resources to the students whenever they want. Ultimately it eliminated the time obligation and made the life of the citizens better. It has become a lifesaver for students who can’t afford to enroll in expensive courses and institutions.

CourseMentor Key Services Included

  • Live Tutoring Services
  • On-Demand Video Courses
  • Study Abroad Services
  • Course Finder & Assistance
  • 24×7 access to the study resources for the students.
  • Most affordable courses and immigration services.
  • Best in class support for international students recruitment

The CourseMentor works on the requirements of the students and gives them the best possible solutions. They also provide free consultations to the students before enrolling on your courses or services.

World-class IELTS Coaching for Study Abroad & Immigration

CourseMentor is not limited to online tutoring, and Course Mentor also offers the best study abroad services. They are offering best in class coaching services for standardized tests. Their IELTS coaching is helping the students to score the best grades and enhance their chance to qualify for the study visa.

The English Learning Courses Offered by CourseMentor

  • PTE
  • GRE
  • GMAT
  • SAT
  • CELPIP General Test
  • International Language Tests

CourseMentor Immigration Services

  • PR Visa: Australia, Canada, USA, UK
  • Migrate Visa: Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Denmark
  • Study Visa: Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Germany,
  • Work Visa: Canada, USA, UAE, Germany,
  • Dependent Visa: Australia, USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium, UK

Online Tutoring by CourseMentor

Most of the students are not aware of the online tutoring benefits. There are lots of questions coming into the minds of the students. Such as, is it a cost-effective way of education? How to get courses from online tutoring platforms? What are the requirements? What are the possibilities to acquire high-quality education from online tutoring?

CourseMentor answers all these questions to provide the best online tutoring solutions.

CourseMentor, a one-stop Online Tutoring Solution

CourseMentor provides top-notch online tutoring solutions to students across the globe. It has become a lifesaver for those students who are willing to pursue top courses but lack resources to fulfill their dreams. It also helps the students to choose the right course and universities. Ultimately they are making a dream come true for the students to get top courses on a low budget and at their convenience.

Evaluate your eligibility before enrolling

Course Mentor follows a strict procedure to evaluate the students’ eligibility before enrolling in any course. They have a predefined process that checks the eligibility based on some key points. It is a crucial step because, if their eligibility mismatches the course requirements, it would be a total loss of the students. The students can try the eligibility test for free by contacting experts on Course Mentor.

International Students Recruitment by Course Mentor

Course Mentor making it cost-effective to recruit students in different countries such as the United States, Australia, Canada, UK etc. They have been recruiting students in high schools, community colleges and universities etc. Work with Course Mentor and enjoy the benefits of top-notch international students recruitment services from our experts. They are working as an intermediate between the international students and top universities. If you work with them then they will help you to reach a global audience.

Content Research & SOP

Course Mentor offers the best content research and SOP. Our experts create the best SOP according to the requirements of the universities. Therefore their sop experts have a more successful rate in SOP than anyone else in the industry.

To write in-depth content research to form an SOP that will lead you to get admission. They are well aware of the do and don’t of SOP.  In SOP, their experts mention the range of activities and any limitations and expectations. Our experts carefully think about the procedure of the SOP. They also review and revise the SOP before sending it to the authorities.

Choose the Best One

Course Mentor is the right path for online tutoring and immigration solutions. If you want to pursue the best course within your tight budget, then Course Mentor is the one you can help you. Apart from that, CourseMentor is just one click away from you to get world-class immigration services at the most reasonable charges. Get in touch with our experts right now and fulfill your dreams right away.

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