How Pisarto is helping you transform a house to your dream home!

The online home decor market in India has gained momentum in recent years and Indian consumers are slowly warming to the idea of decorating their homes without stepping into physical stores. 

Walk into any modern home and the first thing to notice will be the interiors. Designing the interiors of a house is never easy, not to forget the time and effort one has to invest. Most dream homes have décor items collected from different parts of the country reflecting one’s personal taste and style.

Currently, the online home décor market is going through a transitionary phase where more and more sellers are going digital, harnessing the power of the internet; while consumers are feeling increasingly comfortable and confident to buy home décor items from the comforts of their homes.

Mumbai based home décor marketplace startup Pisarto may just be the answer to many apartment owner’s home decoration needs. It is a marketplace which helps their users furnish their homes by bringing brands and artistically designed home décor & home utility products under one umbrella.

So how is Pisarto different from the other marketplaces?

Pisarto believes differentiation will come from two aspects – The product range and the uniqueness & artistic nature of the products.

Pisarto has products that meets the home décor needs for all corners of the house; be it the walls, through its extensive collection of Wall Art and Handmade Paintings or Serveware with its rich collection of Dinning items. Currently, Pisarto has more than 2000 SKUs and targets to have 5000 SKUs by mid of 2023. The SKUs are across categories like Wall Décor, Table Décor, Furnishings, Lighting, Tableware, Kitchen and Storage. One of its newest categories has been lifestyle with the addition of products like ethnic jewellery, bags and stoles. 

Pisarto’s focus is on on-boarding brands and sellers that offer unique local flavors to its users. It has tribal art from Chhattisgarh, Dokra figurines from Orissa, Kalamkari design coffee mugs and trays. It also has lifestyle products like Tarakasi silver jewellery from Orissa and Kalamkari designed stole & scarfs.

Pisarto has taken the curated marketplace approach. It believes this will be one of the key factors that makes it stand out from the crowd. It also recognizes that the market is large, certainly large enough that there need not be one winner takes all. Pisarto believes there is no substitute for customer stickiness in building enduring loyalty. 

About Pisarto

Pisarto is an online platform where you can buy paintings, wall decor, home decor and lifestyle products to elevate the looks of your home and enhance your quality of living. The platform started out as an online art gallery and has now become a marketplace for various types of décor. Where Pisarto differentiates itself is the way in which it has integrated offline capabilities with its online presence, offering the best of both worlds to its users.

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