Meet Eesha Agarwal – a small-town girl from Maharashtra who turned into a successful Actress, model and social cause influence

Eesha Agarwal is an Indian model and an aspiring actress and has been bestowed the titles of Milestone Miss Global International in the pageant held in Moscow, Russia, and Thailand, Miss Photogenic Queen, Miss India Exquisite 2015, Miss SICC Pune in 2014 to date. Besides modeling, Eesha is also an actress and has worked in Hindi and Regional films as well.

We speak to Eesha as she shares her experience of celebrating her birthday at an NGO, which is a regular yearly practice on all her birthdays. She loves spending her time and spreading joy to senior citizens at old age homes, schools for mentally challenged children, children at orphanages as well as she often does charity work too. Eesha mentions that she learned in her pageant days to do social work and the sheer joy of giving, spreading happiness and positivity has now become a way of life for her, hence she also supports social causes as a social work influencer.

Share with us how a small-town girl from Maharashtra got inspired to achieve such great heights in the modeling and fashion world.

During my schooling and college days, I used to participate in annual functions. I was proactive in social and cultural activities and often received appreciation from peers and elders. That really motivated me to see myself as a model and actress but there were no such opportunities for me to enter the glamour world. I moved to Pune for my higher education, that is how I got exposed to many fashion events. After my education, I underwent training in pageant and modeling as I knew that without the help of any training, I won’t be able to make it to any events or auditions and be excellent at my craft. After training, I auditioned for Miss India Exquisite 2015 and I got selected. I won Miss India Exquisite 2015 in Delhi. That’s how I got the biggest opportunity to represent my Country India In USA Baltimore. This win became the turning point of my life. Since then there is no turning back.

You are also an actress and have worked on several films across various regional languages. Is it challenging to learn a new language?

I have worked in 1 Tamil, 1Teluglu, 2 Marathi movies. I can speak English, Hindi, Marwadi, and Marathi. The major challenge was to learn to speak South Indian Languages Tamil and Telugu as their dialect, diction, emotions, and tonality are so different and unique. I could learn only a little though, with the help of a prompter and language coach, I managed to deliver and make a mark in regional cinema. 

How has your journey been participating in International pageant shows as a Model? What have been your learnings?

For me, participating in international pageants was one of the important parts of my overall personality development. It has shaped me into the person I am today. It’s such a beautiful and enriching experience getting to know so many contestants across various cultures & nationalities. I am also friends with a few of them. I’ve learned to embrace the spirit of humanity, love, and compassion and enhanced my interpersonal skills, ability to work under pressure and still be graceful, patient, humble and maintain peace, happiness, and positivity in my life. In every pageant, though we were competing with each other, there was always a friendly bond among us; which we called pageant sisterhood.

How do you prepare as an actor for a new role in a film? Who have been your 3 biggest inspirations or role models as an actor?

Before any project, there are workshops where one prepares, to get into the character and play the assigned role. I follow these methods, watch a lot of movies and observe theatre actors in their plays as well. My 3 biggest inspirations or role models as an actor are actors Kangana Ranaut, Amir Khan, and Prabhas.

Share a motivation quote for aspiring models and artists.

Be Patient, have immense passion and drive combined with discipline and respect towards your craft. Be excellent in your work and believe in yourself, success will follow.

Tell us about your upcoming projects.

I’m excited about two very special projects due to be released soon. Both of them are regional films with a creatively brilliant star cast and a fantastic team that I’ve been blessed to be associated with. The two Marathi Movies are ‘Zolzal’ and ‘Back To School’.

You love to do social work. Tell us about your emotional connection with the underprivileged kids.

From My early days, I love helping people, that is an inbuilt quality. In my training days, I used to do lots of social and charity work, since I was 8-9 years old I have always celebrated my Birthday with under privilege people especially children at NGO’s. I love spreading joy and happiness and my soul feels good seeing the smile on their faces. I see the pure innocence and true emotions in their eyes.

Your dream collaboration as an actor?

Is yet to come!!. I have a long list that is a best-kept secret.

Who are your top 3 favorite fashion designers and which international supermodel do you gain inspiration from?

My all-time favorite fashion designers are Sabyasachi, Amit Agarwal, and Falguni Shane Peacock and my supermodel idol and inspiration is Gigi Hadid

Your take on body shaming and women empowerment? 

I think body-shaming is the worst thing that humans can do. The shape of your body doesn’t define you as a person. We are all different in size, shape, and color, that is what makes us unique and the world a diverse and beautiful place. Every person is beautiful in his/her own way. I think women are already empowered, they just need to realize it.

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