Meet Jitendra Gujrati – the popular young influencer with a staggering fan base

Jitendra Gujrati is a popular young influencer from India and he is also employed with the Department of Post under the Ministry of Communications, Government of India. He is just 20 years old but his rise in the field of influencer marketing and success achieved in terms of a growing fan base is phenomenal.

Young digital creators and influencers are a few names that have been making all the trending charts for all the right reasons because of their love for fashion, lifestyle, and motivating the younger generation to do what they love. The digital world is one place that has given birth to many such brilliant creators. One such phenomenal name in the influencer marketing industry is Jitendra Gujrati.

20-year-old Jitendra Gujrati is a popular influencer and government employee at India Post (Department of Post) under Ministry of Communications, the world’s largest postal network. He has over 649k followers who love his content and engage with all his posts tremendously. Jitendra is also an Amazon Verified Influencer.

Jitendra Gujrati is a top influencer from India who has worked with many leading and well-known brands like Nexa, Skyexch, Otrix, Havells India, Gillette India, Spotify, Royal Stage, Zoomin, Uncle Tony, Rummy culture, Wolf777 , Lays India etc. All his campaigns were a success for these top brands and they will certainly return to him for their future campaigns.

Check out Jitendra Gujrati on Instagram here.

Success does not come easy and Jitendra Gujrati has earned every bit of it. To get his Government job, he has to struggle a lot. He knows the steps to success but he has such a grounded personality that he says he will never forget his roots.

Jitendra Gujrati’s income has increased manifold through his highly appreciated influencer marketing projects and Government job. He is turning into a very popular public figure with a huge fan base which is increasing regularly. He is expected to be the topmost Indian influencer in the near future.

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