Popular Writer Dishari Neogy Feliciated With The Prestigious Purple Quill Award

Kolkata, (West Bengal) [India]: The Purple Quill Award, presented by the esteemed Cherry Book Awards, is an electrifying beacon that illuminates the path of literary greatness. It is a celebration of the extraordinary, a testament to the power of words, and this year, it has found its remarkable champion in the remarkable Dishari Neogy. Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring journey into the realm of literary excellence as we unveil the triumph that has reshaped the literary landscape forever.

About Dishari Neogy

Dishari Neogy, a talented and aspiring content writer, is eager to showcase her developmental skills and enhance her potential within an organization. With a flexible approach, adaptability to different work environments, and a commitment to following instructions, Dishari is poised to make a significant impact in the field of content writing.

Dishari’s educational background includes a Master’s degree in English Literature and Language from Shri Shikshayatan College, affiliated with Calcutta University, which she successfully completed between 2019 and 2021. Prior to that, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Studies and Research from Amity Institute of English Studies and Research from 2016 to 2019. Dishari’s journey in education began with the Indian School Certificate at Calcutta Girls’ High School, where she completed her studies from 2014 to 2016.

Presently, Dishari has been serving as an Associate at Capgemini Technology Services since June. She is actively involved in the ETS (Educational Testing Service) project, where she worked as part of the Pilot batch and contributed to operations. Dishari excelled in her role by supervising the customer service department and maintaining direct contact with clients, showcasing her commitment to delivering exceptional service.

In addition to her professional experience, Dishari has engaged in valuable internships. She served as a Social Worker and Content Writer at Bhumi Foundation from August to November 2018, where she honed her skills in content creation while contributing to social causes. Dishari also worked as a Social Intern at Aloy Fera from January to February 2018. Furthermore, she actively participated as a Campus Ambassador for Model United Nations in 2021, expanding her network and representing her institution.

Dishari possesses an array of hard skills that contribute to her proficiency as a content writer. These skills include editing, proofreading, academic writing, journal article writing, web writing, feature writing, and copywriting. Additionally, she has developed various soft skills such as time management, adaptability, problem-solving, critical thinking, active listening, and flexibility, enabling her to excel in diverse work environments.

To augment her skill set, Dishari has pursued numerous certifications, including the General English Certification Test with an impressive score of 92.5% from the International Business Management Institute. She has also achieved a remarkable score of 94% in English Proficiency from the British Council. Furthermore, Dishari has enhanced her expertise through certifications in editing and proofreading, composition from Duke University, a post-graduate program in content writing from Henry Harvin Education, and is currently pursuing a course in English for Media Literacy from the University of Pennsylvania.

Dishari’s creative prowess has been recognized through various publications. Her poem, “Over A Cup Of Coffee And Sunflower,” was featured in the anthology by Versus Kindler Publication in 2021 (ISBN 978-93-5452-241-3). She also contributed a short story, “Hera’s Unfortunate Child,” to Indus Woman Writing, which was published online ( Additionally, Dishari has been published in reputable academic journals such as the International Journal of Engineering, Management, and Humanities (IJEMH) with an article titled “Translatable Words for ‘Untranslatable’ Indigenous Essence” (Volume 2, Issue 5, 2021; publication link: and the International Journal of Arts and Social Science (IJASS) with her work, “Human Zoo: The Hegemonization of ‘Gaze'” (Volume 4, Issue 5, September – October 2021; publication link:

Moreover, Dishari has contributed to various literary anthologies. Her short story, “The Blood Bond,” was included in The 2AM Thoughts anthology in 2022 (ISBN 979-85-072970-4-7), and her poem, “Moonlight,” was featured in The Write Order anthology. She also had her work, “The Compass,” published as a short story in the January 2022 issue of The Compass Literary Magazine. Dishari’s short story, “Peace And Faith,” appeared in The Write Order anthology (ISBN 978-93-5565-309-3), while her story, “Raise Your Vibes,” was featured in the Instant Publication anthology (ISBN 978-93-5616-004-0). Lastly, her short story, “Angels of God,” was published in the Flairs and Glairs anthology (ISBN – 978-93-5714-6).

Dishari’s exceptional talents have garnered recognition, earning her esteemed awards and accolades. She was honored with the Best Poetry Award by The Firebox International Book of World in 2021 and was acknowledged as an Author by the Glantor X Nation Choice Award. Dishari’s poetry skills were also acknowledged when she became a finalist in the Emily Dickinson Award poetry contest in 2021. Moreover, she received the prestigious Pride of India award in 2022 from the Indian Noble Awards (Claim ID: INA-039-17022022) and was recognized as a National Award-winning Author by Be Star Studio (Registration Number UDYAM-RJ-02-0000398). Dishari’s contributions to literature were further acknowledged with the International Women Premium Award in 2022 for her dedication to writing and freelance content creation (Registration number: WDM/08/22/0603). She also received the Banstecia Award for her outstanding contribution to literature from the International LSH Award (Registration Number – 180422) and was honored with the Swami Vivekananda Rashtriya Swarna Samman for her achievements in literature at the national level (Registration Number – 0109882211023479). Lastly, Dishari’s impact on the literary scene was acknowledged with the Most Popular Indian Award in Literature from the Hope International World Record (Registration Number – E0000620NND).

When Dishari is not engrossed in her writing pursuits, she indulges in reading, research, sketching, and calligraphy. Furthermore, she is proficient in English and Bengali, allowing her to communicate effectively in both languages.

With her remarkable educational background, professional experience, published works, and recognized talent, Dishari Neogy is poised to make a significant impact in the field of content writing and looks forward to new opportunities to contribute her skills and expertise.

For further information or collaboration opportunities, Dishari Neogy can be reached at [email protected]

Her LinkedIn profile can be accessed at

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