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Because of their bold personality, inspirational people are not afraid to express themselves. Such is the journey of our IT engineer, Pratik Patil. Born in Chalisgaon, Maharashtra brought up in Pune, Maharashtra. Currently he’s pursuing Master’s in University College Dublin. Being a sports enthusiast, he is an international Karate player and has secured Gold and Bronze medals on a national level. He is a state level for football and cricket player. The bundle of talent doesn’t end here. Pratik happens to be a writer and has tried his hands on Hindi poems and shayaris. Having a great sense of humour, he even makes funny and relatable videos.

His journey started in 2017, when he was introduced to the concept of food blogging. Pratik has been doing this ever since childhood but never thought of posting it online until the idea stuck him. Later on have multi-talents, he decided to make a one stop destination for people exploring food, fitness, writings, travelling and humorous content. It’s been 5 years of intense hard work which has lead pratik with almost 15k admirers on Instagram. He is known for his mini travel vlogs and funny yet relatable videos which he films. He believes that laughter helps you stay mentally healthy and this positive feeling remains with you even after the laughter subsides. So, when one has a talent of making others laugh, why not put it to use. With pure intension of helping people explore food and connecting with them through his art of writing is something that makes Pratik unique. Having said that, not all days a picture perfect moment for him. He has faced his own share of struggles and have overcome to reach to a level where he is. In his initial days of blogging, he didn’t receive as much as he expected. This is where people are put to test but he didn’t give up and instead he worked on this content. He even received negative comments and bunch of people shamming him down. Even being a sole person behind the camera is a difficult task to handle. Balancing professional life and content creation with ease, is what he learnt with time. Pratik is a man of principle and never intends to misguide his audience. He personally does a lot of research behind every post.

Pratik is a true inspiration for all youngsters out there, who have dreams to fulfill but never gets out of the comfort zone. Looking at his journey, we are definitely sure that it’s a long one. His page, @puneri.pratik is a 10/10 recommended on Instagram to follow for all informative and entertaining content. We see his potential of becoming one of the most promising influencer with strong impact of work performance.

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