Ashu Chaubey Verma Wins The Prestigious Purple Quill Award – A Game-Changer in the Literary World!

The Purple Quill Award, presented by the esteemed Cherry Book Awards, is an electrifying beacon that illuminates the path of literary greatness. It is a celebration of the extraordinary, a testament to the power of words, and this year, it has found its remarkable champion in the remarkable Ashu Verma Chaubey. Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring journey into the realm of literary excellence as we unveil the triumph that has reshaped the literary landscape forever.

About Ashu Verma Chaubey

Currently staying in Mumbai, Mrs. Ashu Verma Chaubey is a qualified Electronics Engineer and an English Honours graduate from Delhi. After a brief stint at DMRC, Delhi, Ashu moved on to Gujarat after her marriage and that is when she pursued her English Honours from SOL, Delhi University.

Ashu embarked upon her writing journey a couple of years back on a very well known online platform with a mere twelve line poetry which has transformed into a journey of 1200 plus poems, short stories, blogs and stories in English and Hindi on various online platforms.

She loves to write on inspirational, relationships and women’s themes the most. She’s been a part of many anthologies brought out by Indian as well as International publications.

She also has a solo poetry book portraying the various unsaid emotions of a woman titled, “Shades of a woman beyond her lihaaf”, available on Amazon and flipkart to her credit.

She hopes to write many more series of inspirational and informational blogs and articles on various platforms and connect with a wide range of readers in future. Recently she has joined the world pulse forum to make her voice heard on women’s issues.


She has been the nominee of ‘Author of the year’, readers category for her English poem and has also won the ‘Author of the month, January’ for her Hindi story and Winner in their poetry competition on Republic day in English poem category by The Story Mirror Platform.

She has also won many book challenges and monthly and weekly story challenges on Momspresso Hindi as well as English platforms.

Many of her stories have gathered a lot of attention, comments and likes with viewership crossing one million mark on the momspresso hindi facebook page. Recently she has also been judged as ‘The best story writer of 2022’ in the Literary clan awards organized by The Momma Clan, Mumbai and has also received the honour of being selected in ‘India’s Top 30 Iconic Achievers awards’ for her excellence in writing by The Namya foundation.

She has also been one of the awardees of 50 under 50 global inspiring leaders presented by MTTV India. She has also been one of the awardees of the Rising Ink 2023 presented by the Cherry book awards. Her story on her mother’s autobiography has also been selected by the crazy tales. com for their coffee table book 2023. Her latest story on periods Periods : myths and facts has been appreciated on world pulse forum.

Almost an introvert, Ashu takes to her pen to bring out the thoughts brewing in her mind to bring out a change in the society. Her motto is, “Why not bring about a positive change and spread smiles if you can with the help of your pen”.

Apart from writing, Ashu also has an inclination towards music, arts, drawing and sketching and healthy cooking.

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