Biker for A Cause

Surat, Gujarat (India) : When you first look at Dr. Sarika Mehta, you cannot help but notice the spark in eyes. The energy and positive vibes that she brings with her are an indication of the multifaceted personality that sets her apart from others. So, what makes this doctor different from others?

Surat based Sarika was born in a family that didn’t value girl child education. However, she found her cheerleader and support system in her parents who not only valued the importance of education but also defied family norms to educate her and her sisters. From a very young age, she was encouraged to express herself, dream big and work towards achieving those dreams. She dared to dream big and chase those dreams with determination. She was fascinated by the intricated yet distinctive nature of human mind and behavior and hence pursued Ph.D. in Behavioral Science.

Biker for A Cause
Biker for A Cause

Sarika, considers herself fortunate for having loving and supporting parents, husband, in-laws and children. Yet she felt she had more to offer to the society. With inspiration from her mother Maya Jariwala and husband Jignesh Mehta’s encouragement, she established Biking Queen Charitable Trust, an all-women organization, that aims to serve society by breaking the stereotypes. An avid and prolific mountaineer, Sarika launched Biking Queens to shatter the societal mental roadblocks and prove to the world that women can do anything they set their minds too. Sarika chose motorbikes as a medium to spread awareness through the numerous motorbike rallies, including even the remote rural areas of India, to educate the girl child, along with health and hygiene, as some of the varied topics.

As a part of this initiative last year The Biking Queens visited 21 Nations covering 21,000+ kms in 3 continents, propagating the message – “Ride for Women’s Pride”. The Biking Queens after successfully completing their historic Bike Expedition from India to London in 89 days, returned to Surat.

Biker for A Cause

Moreover, to support the community during tough times of Covid-19, friends and family members of Biking Queens have been distributing foods to about 5000 migrant workers and poor people from the beginning of the lockdown on daily basis. As frontline warriors they have ensured availability of biscuits and milk pouch for the children’s and pregnant women as they are most vulnerable to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, any success story is seldom without roadblocks. Back in 2015 people were not so welcoming to ‘Biking Queens’ and were reluctant take part with them. Sarika, with the help of her friends and volunteers, managed to spread awareness and convince people to ride with the ‘Biking Queens.’ Today Biking Queens is a proud family of more than 45 female members and have lead several motorbike rallies across multi-continents to spread the various social messages straight such as ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’, ‘Women Empowerment’, ‘Sashkta Nari Sashkta Bharat’ and many more.

Biker for A Cause

Notably her children Dhanshree Mehta and Janam Mehta were the youngest mountaineers in the world to summit mt. Elbrus russia.

‘Biking Queens’ have transversed 10 nations in order to spread awareness about issues that they personally believed in. Their efforts have been recognized by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in Delhi and have even received overwhelming support from the United Nations Women Organization, WHO – World health organization. Also, leaders and government of other countries have also recognised and lauded contribution of Sarika Mehta and the team of Biking Queens.

A psychologist by profession, a mountaineer by choice and a biker for a cause, Sarika is the living example of you can achieve all that you desire when you put your mind, body and soul towards fulfilling it.

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